The Etheral Lands
Something pure but dark sings in you veins as you travel along your lonely way. Shaking your head you ignore this feeling, but slowly you find yourself going in the direction of large, unpassable looking mountains that seem to reach into the Heavens above. There's a large dark figure where seconds ago you'd seen nothing as you go to stand at the giants base. Unkown to you, you stand at the entrance of the Etheral Lands where half of the blood that runs through you had came from. Your blood sings, pulling you forward into the Entrance, and as you pass through you notice unatural balls of blue fire resting against the walls where numerous precious jewels glitter in the blue light, throwing colors all around you. Without looking back you exit the cave and you find before you two paths, one going towards a dark woods that give off menance, and one that looked healthy and the sound of a waterfall sounded in the distance. You can feel eyes on you, waiting to see where you'll choose. Nows your choice. Do you choose the path of darknes, or light?

The Etheral Lands

Three Packs, Two Sides. What will you Choose?
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